Listed below are sermons presented at Welcome Bay and Carmel Community Churches during 2019.
The sermon notes are designed for reading and consideration by individuals and groups.

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18 Aug 2019 Read Audio   Gazing on the Unseen (Pastor Andrew Kulasingham)
11 Aug 2019 Read Audio   I am Significant (Heather Tuck)
4 Aug 2019 Read Audio View Trust (Arthur Crane)
28 Jul 2019 Audio View Whatever ... (Pastor Andrew Kulasingham)
21 July 2019 Read Audio View What is the Armour of God? (Sam Verbitsky)
14 Jul 2019 Read Audio   If Only ... (Pastor Andrew Kulasingham)
7 Jul 2019 Read Audio   The Kingom of God in Full Force (Pastor Andrew Kulasingham)
30 Jun 2019 Audio Geared for Growth (Craig Hill)
23 Jun 2019 Read Audio View Because God loves us (Tom Hadfield)
16 Jun 2019 Read Audio View The Ungrace Prison Breakout – Living in the deep streams of God's grace (Arthur Crane)
9 Jun 2019   Audio View Turning Hesitant Praying into Confident Praying (Craig Hill)
2 Jun 2019 Read Audio View The Glorious Life (Pastor Andrew Kulasingham)
26 May 2019 Read Audio View The Lord's Prayer – 5: All about Jesus (Pastor Andrew Kulasingham)
19 May 2019 Audio   God in us and through us (Heather Tuck)
12 May 2019 Read Audio View God's Masterpiece (Rhena Kulasingham)
5 May 2019 Read Audio View The Lord's Prayer – 4: Lead us not into Temptation (Pastor Andrew Kulasingham)
28 Apr 2019 View Barnabas Fund (NZ) (Stephanie Johnston, C.E.O.)
21 Apr 2019 Audio View Forgiven and Forgiving (Pastor Andrew Kulasingham)
19 Apr 2019   Audio   Good Friday Reflection – "Destination Resurrection" (Pastor Andrew Kulasingham)
14 Apr 2019   Audio View Knocked Down But Not Knocked Out (Craig Hill)
7 Apr 2019 Read Audio View Eternity Revealed (Tom Hadfield)
31 Mar 2019 Read Audio View The Lord's Prayer – 3: Only My Daily Bread (Pastor Andrew Kulasingham)
24 Mar 2019 Read Audio View The Lord's Prayer – 2: The Kingdom of God (Pastor Andrew Kulasingham)
17 Mar 2019 Read Audio The Podiatry Lesson (Arthur Crane)
10 Mar 2019 Read View The Lord's Prayer – 1: Father of the Heavens (Pastor Andrew Kulasingham)
3 Mar 2019 Read Audio View Show us the Father (Pastor Andrew Kulasingham)
24 Feb 2019   Audio View No Fake News, Because We KNOW (Heather Tuck)
17 Feb 2019     View Our Fearsome and Awesome God (Tom Hadfield)
10 Feb 2019 Read Audio View Becoming God Magnets – 3: A Christian's Sustaining Influence (Pastor Andrew Kulasingham)
3 Feb 2019 Read Audio View Becoming God Magnets – 2: A Christian's Active Power to Influence (Pastor Andrew Kulasingham)
27 Jan 2019   Audio   Keeping the Fire burning (Craig Hill)
20 Jan 2019 Read Audio Becoming God Magnets – 1: A Christian's Sphere of Influence (Pastor Andrew Kulasingham)
13 Jan 2019 Read Audio Leaving the Past Behind (Arthur Crane)